Cold-Weather Auto Glass Replacement

changing windscrenn on a car

January 2022 has been the coldest January in eight years. Unfortunately, windshield chips and cracks can occur no matter the weather. Even in a deep freeze, it is still important to get your windshield repaired promptly. Here’s why.

Waiting until temperatures warm up to fix your chipped or cracked windshield can make your problem go from bad to worse. Cold weather can cause chips and cracks to expand and shatter. If your windshield is damaged sometime between November and March, you’re better off working with a mobile glass repair company like Glass Source sooner rather than later. Our team has the equipment to replace your chipped or cracked windshield even when it’s freezing outside.

Replacing a Windshield in Cold Weather

Replacing a windshield in cool or freezing temps requires an experienced installer who understands how cold adhesives. The adhesive used to install your new windshield is affected by the ambient temperatures. Most adhesives take longer to cure in cooler weather. Your installer may select a fast-acting adhesive in colder temperatures, or ask that you wait a little longer to drive your vehicle so the adhesive has a chance to cure. Glass Source uses an adhesive that works as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, something our competitors cannot provide.

What to Expect at Your Mobile Windshield Replacement Appointment

At Glass Source, cold temperatures don’t prevent us from fixing your chipped or cracked windshield. To keep temperatures warm, we may ask to work on your vehicle in your garage or in the parking ramp at work. If needed, we will use your vehicle’s heater to keep the windshield warm.

Cold temperatures aren’t a reason to delay getting your windshield replaced. Schedule your mobile windshield replacement appointment with Glass Source today.