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2022 Residential Glass Design Trends

Spacious bathroom in gray tones with heated floors

Glass is a timeless addition to any home construction project. It’s an extremely versatile material that fits any design aesthetic. It’s also a sustainable building material that improves energy efficiency and is recyclable. No wonder glass is a favorite choice for windows, doors, and walls.

In 2022, we predict glass will continue to be a popular choice for homeowners who are renovating their current spaces or building new homes. Here are few of the glass design trends we’re watching this year.

Custom Window Designs

2022 waves goodbye to your standard rectangle window and welcomes custom window designs for all rooms in the home. Angular windows that follow the shape of an A-frame roof can add drama to a living room. Custom transom windows maximize awkward wall space to bring additional natural light into a room. Frosted glass adds natural light to a bathroom or spa area without sacrificing privacy.

Using Glass Walls to Create Separate Spaces

Homeowners continue to love the natural light and space open floorplans deliver. But add working from home into the mix, and that light and airy space becomes loud and exposed. That’s why glass walls are a hot glass design trend in 2022. Glass walls provide sound insulation and a bit of privacy without sacrificing natural light and a sense of open space. If working from home has you second-guessing your open floorplan, glass walls may be a beautiful and functional solution for you.

Playing with Shape and Contour in Glass Windows and Doors

Glass is a versatile building material that can be fabricated into all sorts of shapes. In 2022, expect new homes or remodeled homes to include more contoured glass to create sweeping curves and visual interest to living spaces. Bold framing choices, such as painted aluminum or rich wood, add to the drama contoured glass windows and doors provide.

Glass Houses for Work (Yes, We’re Serious)

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but people who work in glass houses enjoy offices full of natural light and fresh air. Some homeowners are opting to build detached offices in their backyards to provide private places to work from home. Glass is a great option for windows, walls, and doors for these work escapes. They offer exceptional lighting and connection to the outdoors. If you’re investing in a detached office (technically known as an accessory dwelling unit), consider incorporating glass windows, walls, or doors into your design.

When designing spaces with glass, you need a company you can trust to design, fabricate, and install your glass features. Glass Source has served more than 400 homeowners and their professional construction across the Twin Cities. Get in touch with our team to work with the best.