Choosing the Right Type of Storefront Glass

Storefront glass provides your shop, office, or other storefront space with security, beauty, energy efficiency, and plenty of natural light. When it’s time to choose the right type of glass for your storefront, you have several good options. Here’s a look at the different types of storefront glass and finishes. Glass Source can help you […]

Cold-Weather Auto Glass Replacement

January 2022 has been the coldest January in eight years. Unfortunately, windshield chips and cracks can occur no matter the weather. Even in a deep freeze, it is still important to get your windshield repaired promptly. Here’s why. Waiting until temperatures warm up to fix your chipped or cracked windshield can make your problem go […]

Get Windshield Cracks and Chips Taken Care of before Winter

Have you been putting off that windshield crack or chip repair? Better get it taken care of before the colder weather sets in. Repair Now, Avoid More Damage—or Worse—Later Did you know windshield cracks can grow into bigger problems? It’s true. The tiny sliver of a hairline crack in your windshield can grow larger over […]

Your Guide to Safety Glass

Ever wonder why some glass seems to splinter into sharp pieces when it’s hit, while other glass disintegrates into tiny, harmless pieces? The answer is safety glass. These glass products are specially treated to become stronger and shatter-resistant, which makes them ideal candidates for vehicles, storefronts, and other applications where shattered glass could harm people […]