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Commercial Glazing & Glass Replacement


Custom Glazing For

Commercial Buildings.

From storefronts to glass wall partitions and everything in between, Glass Source is your partner for commercial glazing and glass replacement. We work with building owners, tenants, and commercial contractors to provide insulating and safety glass for a wide range of applications.

Each member of our expert team has an average of 30 years in the glass business. We are the professionals other glass companies come to when they can’t find the products they need. Work with Glass Source for custom glass and fast, knowledgeable service.

Please call us at 763-545-1800 to schedule an appointment.

Insulating Glass for Doors & Windows

Insulating glass improves the energy efficiency of your building by reducing heat gain and heat loss through doors and windows. It also provides sound insulation. Insulating glass is available in two, three, or four-pane systems, including gas-filled panels for superior insulation and low-emissivity, or low-E panels to cut down on infrared and UV light. Work with Glass Source to find the best insulating glass option for your commercial building.

Safety Glass for Doors & Windows

Safety glass helps secure your space and offers protection against the elements, attacks, or accidents. Glass Source offers four types of safety glass. Tempered glass is strong, but if it breaks, it will shatter into smaller pieces that reduce the chance of injury. The same is true of safety filmed wired glass. Fortified security glass is ideal for entryways. Laminated glass is very strong against blunt forces. Partner with Glass Source to find the best safety glass option for your commercial doors and windows.

Glass for New Construction

Partner with Glass Source from the ground up. Our glass experts can work with you at the design phase of your project to identify the best commercial glass and glazing options for your building project. We can design and install solutions for exterior and interior doors and windows.

Glass for Remodels and Tenant Improvements

If you are remodeling your space or making tenant improvements, Glass Source is your trusted commercial glazing partner. Bring us in at the design phase to find the best option for your project, or partner with us for high-quality, fast commercial glass replacement.

Please call us at 763-545-1800 for immediate service.