Commercial Glass Installation for Your Construction Project

Window installer on a commercial building

Commercial glass installation is an important step in any ground-up new construction or renovation project. But commercial construction projects are complicated. How do you know when to call in the glass installation pros at Glass Source? Here’s a quick run-down of how our expert services fit into your construction timeline.

Exterior Commercial Glass Installation

Exterior glass windows go in during the framing step of the construction phase. During this step, crews erect the skeleton of the building. With the framing in place, Glass Source can arrive onsite to install the commercial glass windows. Placing the commercial windows at this step seals the building against the elements and makes it possible for the crew to move onto roofing, siding, and installing the HVAC system. Like windows, commercial doors are installed during the framing step of the construction phase. Once in place, they will secure the site from unwanted visitors.

Interior Commercial Glass Installation

Once the building is framed and the roofing, siding, and HVAC have been installed, it’s time to get to work on the interior of the building. Construction crews may be working on plumbing, electrical, and other infrastructure at this point. They are also defining the interior spaces within the building. That makes it a great time to install any interior glass walls, windows, doors, and other glass fixtures.

Choosing a Commercial Glass Contractor

Partner with Glass Source from the ground up for professional commercial glazing solutions for your building’s windows and doors. Our glass experts work with you during the design phase of your construction project to identify the best commercial glass and glazing options for your building. Then, we will fabricate and install your custom solutions for exterior and interior doors and windows.

From storefronts to glass wall partitions and everything in between, Glass Source is your partner for commercial glazing and glass replacement. We work with building owners, tenants, and commercial contractors to provide insulating and safety glass for a wide range of applications. If you are planning a commercial construction project for 2022 and beyond, contact the Glass Source team to discover your commercial glazing options.