Choosing the Right Type of Storefront Glass

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Storefront glass provides your shop, office, or other storefront space with security, beauty, energy efficiency, and plenty of natural light. When it’s time to choose the right type of glass for your storefront, you have several good options. Here’s a look at the different types of storefront glass and finishes. Glass Source can help you choose the right glass for you and your space.

Laminated Glass for Storefronts

Laminated glass is a popular choice for storefronts of all types. This type of glass is constructed of two sheets of glass pressed together. A layer of PVB, TPU, or EVA plastic film holds the two pieces of glass together as a single piece.

This construction is very strong and can withstand most hits and blows from storms or vandals. While pieces of the glass sheet may break, the entire pane will stay structurally intact. The lamination also prevents UV light from penetrating the glass. This allows beautiful natural light to pour into your space without the risks of UV exposure. The thickness of laminated glass also provides some sound insulation, which is important for offices and other spaces located in busy areas.

Tempered Glass for Storefronts

Tempered glass is another option for storefronts. It is produced through thermal tempering to create a robust product. When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into many small, blunt pieces. This makes it safer than other glass options when a break does occur.

Tempered glass provides less protection from direct blows than laminated glass does. However, it provides good protection against heavy winds. It is a good choice for indoor storefronts, interior glass walls, and other applications where the chance of vandalism is low.

Annealed Storefront Glass

Annealed glass is the most common type of commercial glass. You can find it in a variety of applications, including storefronts. It is a low-cost option that can be cut into all sorts of shapes and styles. However, it does not provide strong protection from damage, sound, or UV rays like tempered or laminated glass does.

Annealed glass may be a good option for interior settings where sunlight, sound, storms, and vandalism are not concerns. This may include glass walls within an office, restaurant, or retail shop.

Storefront Glass Finishes

Choosing the right type of glass is just the first step in selecting the best glass for your storefront. You’ll also need to choose the thickness, tint, and transparency of your storefront glass. You can even improve the energy efficiency of your space by insulating your glass.

The professionals at Glass Source can help you select the right type of storefront glass for your space. Get in touch with us today for expert advice.