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Repair Broken Storm Windows Now

Crime scene - close up of a broken window.

Those cool mornings have been a treat, haven’t they? They’re a reminder that fall and winter are on their way. While you don’t have to put away your summer gear quite yet, it is smart to start thinking ahead to your fall chores, including swapping out your screens for storm windows. Now’s a great time to repair broken storm windows.

Inspecting Your Storm Windows

Storm windows help insulate your home against winter’s chill and provide some protection against the elements. If your storm windows have been in the shed, basement, or closet for the last few months, bring them out now to inspect them. Spray them down with your favorite window washing fluid, and then give them a once-over. Is there peeling paint or rotting wood on the frames? If your windows have aluminum frames, are they dented or warped? Does the glass fit snugly in the frames? Are there chips or cracks in the glass you need to repair before installing your windows this fall?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then it’s time to perform some repairs.

Repair Broken Storm Windows

Repairing the glass of broken storm windows is easy when you work with a reputable glass company. Glass Source is the Twin Cities’ trusted solution for residential glass repair and replacement. Our crew can inspect your broken storm windows and suggest repairs that will improve the performance of the glass. Depending on the damage, we may suggest replacing the entire pane. Our facility in Golden Valley can handle your storm window repair in-house. Or, we can cut replacement glass to spec and install it at your home.

Don’t Forget to Inspect Your Screens, Too

Fall is a great time to inspect your window screens for damage, too. As you swap out your screens for your storm windows, look over your screens for tears and holes. If you discover damage, Glass Source can replace the screen for you.

Now’s a great time to inspect and repair broken storm windows. For storm window glass repair or replacement, contact Glass Source today.