Types of Insulating Glass

Sheets of Tempered Window Glass

Insulating glass a wide variety of applications. Commercial properties use insulating glass to save on energy costs, reduce fire danger, control sound, and prevent vandalism and theft. Here’s a look at each type of insulating glass and its commercial applications.

Structural Glazing Insulating Glass

Most commercial buildings use insulating glass to maintain structural integrity and improve energy efficiency. Structural glazing insulating glass is double or triple-paned. The space between the panes is filled with gas to improve energy efficiency. This type of insulating glass reduces heat loss and blocks the sun’s heat from entering the building. Since multipaned glass is stronger than ordinary glass, it can withstand forces from the structural and the elements.

Fire-Resistant Insulating Glass

Fire-resistant insulating glass is a type of safety glass that offers thermal protection. It can be used in exteriors and interiors to control the spread of fire. Fire-resistant insulating glass is available in different strengths and insulation levels. Generally, building owners can expect up to 180 minutes of fire resistance from high-quality insulating glass.

Sound Control Insulating Glass

Multiplane insulating glass has excellent sound-proofing properties. This is important for commercial properties in busy downtowns or buildings that are close to airports and railroads. Sound control insulating glass contains a PVB insulating layer between two panes of glass. Increasing the space between the glass panes improves the sound insulating properties of the glass.

Bulletproof Insulating Glass

Bulletproof insulating glass is an ideal choice for buildings with windows at ground level, bank lobbies and counters, and other applications where security is a priority. Like sound control insulating glass, bulletproof glass contains one or two layers of PVB between its glass panes. However, these PVB layers are laminated to the glass panes. The lamination strengthens the glass and makes it difficult to penetrate. It is possible to add more laminated layers to improve the protection the glass provides.

Insulating glass is an ideal choice for many commercial properties. For help choosing the glass that is right for your building, contact the insulating glass experts at Glass Source today.