Windshield Repair and Replacement during Construction Season


You’re crawling along the construction zone when all of sudden—thwap!—the truck in front of you kicks up debris and chips or cracks your windshield!

This scenario is all too familiar for drivers in the Twin Cities during the warmer months. Summer is construction season in Minnesota, and it’s impossible to avoid construction zones on your summer commute or trip up to the cabin.

A chip or crack in your windshield is a pain, but it doesn’t have disrupt your day. With Glass Source’s mobile windshield repair and replacement services, a quick call or email is all it takes for you to get your windshield repaired and get on with your day.     

5-Star Service Is Just a Call Away

Our five-star windshield repair and replacement mobile service team is just a phone call or email away. In just a few minutes, we’ll schedule a mobile appointment with you and get your insurance information so we can take care of the claims process for you. Arrange for our technician to meet you at your home, your work, or a parking lot that’s convenient for you.  

Reliable, Quick Windshield Repair

Your technician will arrive with everything they need to repair the chip or replace your windshield. Our trucks are clearly marked with our Glass Source logo, and our technicians wear uniforms identifying them as Glass Source employees. Expect friendly, efficient service!  

Get Back on Your Way

Most windshield repair and replacement appointments with Glass Source take under an hour. After that, you’ll be ready to be on your way and enjoy the clear view out your windshield. Since most insurance policies cover the cost of windshield repair and replacement, you likely won’t pay anything out of pocket for our service.  

We hope you’re able to make it through construction season without a chip or crack. But if you get unlucky, give Glass Source a call. We’ll take care of you so you can continue to enjoy the Minnesota summer. Contact us today for expert glass help.