It’s Construction Season Again. Time to Prepare for Windshield Repairs

It’s that time again, Minnesotans. The construction crews are out in force, which means it’s time to prepare for windshield repairs. Whether you encounter construction on your regular commute or on your trip up to the cabin, be sure to have Glass Source’s number (763-545-1800) in your phone so you can call us when construction […]

It’s Minneapolis Pothole Season! Repair Your Chipped and Cracked Windshield.

It’s pothole season, which means its time for Minneapolis drivers to put Glass Source’s mobile windshield repair team on speed dial. Potholes rattle windshields, and melting snow reveals all sorts of road debris that can get kicked up and damage your windshield. That’s why you need Glass Source, the Minneapolis windshield repair team, in your […]

Windshield Repair and Replacement during Construction Season

You’re crawling along the construction zone when all of sudden—thwap!—the truck in front of you kicks up debris and chips or cracks your windshield! This scenario is all too familiar for drivers in the Twin Cities during the warmer months. Summer is construction season in Minnesota, and it’s impossible to avoid construction zones on your […]