Glass Replacement after Extreme Weather Events

Rainy weather, the inscription on the sweaty broken glass question markRainy weather, raindrops on the sweaty broken glass

Minnesota summers are known for extreme weather events. Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and hailstorms can all cause damage to our vehicles and properties. If your car, home, or business experiences a broken window or glass door due to a storm, get in touch with Glass Source to schedule your hassle-free glass replacement.

Glass Replacement for Vehicles

If your vehicle gets caught outside in severe weather, chances are high that your car or truck is going to get damaged somehow. Hailstones can leave dents or crash through your windshield. Falling branches and other debris can cause windshields to crack and chip, too.

When your vehicle’s windshield, rear window, or side windows are damaged in severe weather, contact the auto glass replacement experts at Glass Source. Our mobile glass repair team will come to you to replace or repair your damaged auto glass. We work with all major auto insurance companies to make sure your repair is covered.   

Glass Replacement for Homes

Extreme weather can cause damage to your home’s windows and doors. Debris can crash through a window or punch through a patio or storm door. Knowing where to turn to replace damaged glass in your home can be confusing.

Glass Source provides fast residential glass repair in the event that your windows and doors are damaged. Our professional crew will work with you to source the appropriate glass for your home and install it promptly to minimize the time your doors and windows are boarded up.

Glass Replacement for Commercial Properties

While most commercial-grade glass can stand up to most weather events, extreme weather, such as tornadoes, can cause damage to commercial windows. A cracked or shattered window at your retail store or office is not only inconvenient, it can be a security risk.

When you experience window damage at your business due to extreme weather, contact the professionals at Glass Source. We specialize in commercial glazing repair and replacement. We work with all sorts of insulated glass and have experience working in many different commercial and industrial settings. Trust us to deliver fast, professional service to reduce downtime at your business due to glass damage.

Severe weather can cause the glass in your vehicle, home, or business to crack or shatter. When the worst happens, count on the Glass Source team to make it right and help you get on your way. Contact us today for a quote.