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Using Solar Control Glass to Manage Commercial Building Cooling Costs

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Did you know that the type of glass you use in your commercial building can help you control your commercial building cooling costs? It’s true! Whether you’re upgrading your storefront windows or designing an atrium for your new building, choosing solar control glass can help stabilize the temperature inside your building and save you money. Here’s how.

Solar Control Glass Explained

Solar control glass is a special type of commercial glazing that includes multiple layers of materials that deflect or absorb heat while allowing natural light through. These materials are very thin and do not impact the look or clarity of the glass. Most solar control glass products are double-glazed, which offers even more insulation against temperature fluctuations.

How Solar Control Glass Can Control Cooling Costs

A Minnesota building with solar control glass can maintain a stable temperature throughout the year without sacrificing natural light. In the cooler months, solar control glass allows beneficial natural light to brighten the interior of the building, even when days are short. In the warmer months, summer sunshine can fill the space without generating extra heat. This helps building owners cut down on the amount of cooling their buildings require and reduces the need for artificial light. 

Why Controlling Cooling Costs Matters

Investing in solar control glass for your storefront or other commercial glazing not only saves you money, it helps save the planet, too. The heating and cooling of commercial buildings is a major source of carbon emissions. A substantial amount of energy also goes into lighting a building. By using solar control glass, building owners can reduce the amount of energy they use to cool their buildings and keep them lit.

At Glass Source, we work with and install a variety of commercial glazing solutions. Solar control glass is only one product that may be a good fit for your building. We also carry safety glass for doors and windows as well as insulating glass to improve your building efficiency. Our professional team has experience installing glass for remodeling and tenant improvements as well as new commercial construction.

To discover your commercial glazing options, get in touch with the Glass Source team today.