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Types of Commercial Safety Glass

Glass doors of modern office building

If you are expanding your current space, building new construction, or have a window or door that needs to be repaired at your commercial property, you have several different options for commercial safety glass. Glass Source can help you choose the best commercial safety glass for your project, whether you’re a downtown Minneapolis storefront or building class A office space in the suburbs.

Safety glass is different from other commercial glass options. It is constructed to withstand blunt forces and other damage that would break other types of glass. It is also designed to reduce the chances of injury if the glass does break. Here’s a closer look at the different types of safety glass you may install at your commercial property.

Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered safety glass is a popular choice for commercial safety glass. Tempered glass is harder than conventional glass and about five times stronger of a non-tempered pane of glass. However, this extra strength comes at a cost. Tempered safety glass is very brittle and shatters into thousands of pieces when broken. While this may seem dangerous, due to the construction of the glass, it breaks into blunt pebbles rather than sharp shards. This makes tempered safety glass a good choice for buildings that require strong glass that won’t pose a risk to occupants when shattered.      

Laminated Commercial Safety Glass

Laminated safety glass for commercial buildings is similar to the glass used in windshields and skylights. Many laminated glass products are created by laminating a sheet of plastic between two tempered glass panes. The plastic layer adds another level of protection against broken glass. If a laminated glass pane breaks, the shards stick to the plastic rather than fall to the ground.

Impact-Resistant Safety Glass

Impact-resistant safety glass is a good choice for property owners who are concerned about impacts from tornadoes or other strong blunt forces. Impact glass is constructed of laminated safety glass and reinforced framing. This system ensures the very strong glass stays put within its frame in the event that it is hit with flying debris. Impact-resistant glass may break during an impact, but it will prevent objects from flying through the window and injuring occupants.

Bullet-Resistant Safety Glass

Bullet-resistant glass is a type of laminated safety glass that uses polycarbonate material to add strength and flexibility to the glass pane. This type of glass can absorb the impact of a bullet, slowing the bullet down and preventing injury to occupants. Bullet-resistant safety glass comes in various strengths, with the strongest products able to withstand the impact of a bullet without breaking.

When it is time to replace your commercial safety glass or choose a safety glass product for your new construction, work with a glass installation expert who can explain your options to you. Get in touch with the professionals at Glass Source today to discover which type of safety glass is best for your property.