Commercial Glass Window and Door Fall Maintenance

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Are cleaning and repairing your commercial glass windows and doors part of your fall maintenance routine? If not, the Glass Source team encourages you to add your windows and doors to your fall maintenance checklist. Regular cleaning and checks for wear and tear can prolong the life of your glass doors and windows. Plus, there’s nothing better than crystal clear windows! Here are a few of our top tips for keeping your commercial glass in good shape.

Clean Commercial Glass Windows and Doors

Most property owners regularly clean their windows and glass doors. But fall is a great time for a deep clean. While some property owners may choose to outsource their window cleaning, others take a DIY approach.

In either case, you will want to clean your commercial glass with a professional-strength cleaning solution and have a squeegee and a microfiber cloth on hand to wipe away grit and grime. If you have tinted windows or wood-framed windows, avoid cleaning solutions that contain ammonia, as ammonia can corrode tinting and stain wood. If you have vinyl graphics, paint, or other substances on your window that you would like to remove, wet down the area and carefully use a razor to scrape the substances off. To avoid scratches, always move the razor in a single direction, and never use a razor on tinted glass.

Check for Damage and Wear and Tear

As you’re cleaning your commercial glass, check all surfaces for damage and normal wear and tear. You may find a chip or two or even a small crack. Or, you may find that your windows are permanently foggy from a leak between glass panels.

Don’t forget to inspect the seals around your windows and the hardware on your windows and doors. Seals and hardware are important parts of your commercial glass’s structure that can cause damage to the glass if not properly maintained.

Schedule Needed Commercial Glass Repairs

You will want to resolve any issues you find in your inspection before the colder weather sets in. A glass repair and replacement shop like Glass Source can fix chips and cracks in your windows and glass doors. They can also replace leaky, foggy windows as well as any hardware or seals that are worn out or damaged.

If your fall maintenance checklist includes your commercial glass (and it should!), get in touch with Glass Source. Our expert team can help you keep your windows and glass doors in great shape. Contact us today.