Winter Windshield Care for Minnesota Drivers

Removing snow from car windshield.  Clean car window in winter f

Ol’ Man Winter’s arrived in Minnesota, and it looks like he’s here to stay. If you keep your vehicle outdoors overnight or at work all day, chances are you’re already spending a few minutes every day performing a little winter windshield care, scraping your windshield and waiting for it to defrost before you can get on your way. 

Ever wonder if you’re caring for your windshield correctly? Let the auto glass experts at Glass Source help you take your winter windshield care up a notch with these tips.  

Be Prepared to Care for Your Windshield

Proper winter windshield care starts with the right tools. A high-quality, plastic ice scraper is your most valuable tool for removing snow and ice from your windshield. Avoid scrapers with metal parts, as they can scratch your vehicle’s glass and painted surfaces. The same goes for shovels if you’re removing large amounts of snow off your windshield.

A soft brush to remove light snow is a nice tool to have in your toolkit, too. If you store your vehicle outside, consider investing in a windshield cover. A cover helps you avoid having any snow and ice windshield issues.

Slow Down and Stay Distant

Once you have the right tools in your car, it’s time to adopt some winter driving techniques. Slowing down and keeping distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you can help you avoid damage to your windshield. This goes double for driving around a snow plow. Give the plow plenty of room, and you’ll avoid chips and cracks in your windshield from flying debris. 

Fix Any Existing Chips and Cracks

On that note, if you have an existing chip or crack on your windshield, take care of that before the snow and ice set in. Damaged windshields are more difficult to clear. They are also a safety hazard. The mobile windshield repair and replacement team at Glass Source comes to you to provide high-quality and fast windshield service.

Warm Your Windshield Up Slowly

Clearing ice and snow from your windshield can be a drag, especially if it’s cold and windy outside. Despite the unpleasantness, don’t be tempted to pour hot or boiling water on your windshield to speed up the process. The drastic change in temperature can cause windshield glass to crack and shatter.

Instead, turn your car on to warm the engine up, and start clearing snow and scraping ice. Once the engine is warm, turn on your vehicle’s defroster and use the outside air setting. Waiting to turn the defroster on until the engine is warm makes the defroster more effective, as does using outside air. In fact, turning the defroster on too soon can make it more difficult to clear away ice and snow.

Wash Your Windshield Weekly

Our last winter windshield care tip is to wash your windshield, rear window, and headlamps weekly. Salt and other debris builds up on glass and can make it difficult to remove ice and snow. It can also make it difficult to see through the glass or for headlamps to shine brightly.

Every time you fill up your car, take the opportunity to wash and squeegee your windshield. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!

Whether you’re ready for winter or not, Glass Source is here to help you take great care of your windshield during the deep freeze. To prepare your damaged windshield for winter, schedule an appointment with our team today.

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